I have been so fortunate in the last five+ years to have connected with a community of friends and artists, grow my skills as a creative, and walk down so many different artistic roads. I am always looking to collaborate with new friends, I believe we all have something to learn from each other.

Graduated Iowa State University 2020 |

B.F.A. Graphic Design

who is she?


I'm glad you could make it to my internet party. My name is Alyson. Born 1997, I'm a designer/artist/theatre nerd. I love publication design, photography, and film. I am tremendously drawn to playful colors, hand-drawn illustration, movement, and bold type.

I grew up dancing from the time I was a three-year-old babe, to beyond high school graduation. I always wanted to be a professional dancer. A year into my five-year college journey, I had to get surgery on my ankle, after which I quit dancing. I transferred to Iowa State, was accepted into the Graphic Design program, and auditioned for my first play. The rest, as they say, is herstory.